06 May 2012 23:29 | By Alexandra Papageorgiou & J Clive-Matthews
2012 Greek Elections

Prospects of government formation

Prospects of government formation (© Reuters)
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Since no single party gained enough votes to form a government following Sunday's Greek elections, the centre-right New Democracy party (in government until 2009, and the main opposition party for the last three years) will have three days to form a coalition.

If New Democracy fails to gain enough support to form a government, the Coalition of the Radical Left, which gained the second highest share of the vote, will in turn be given three days to try. If they also fail, the centre-left PASOK (until the weekend the party of government) will then be given a chance. If the process fails, another election will be called.

Prospects of forming coalition government look very poor - no coalition can meet the minimum requirement of support of 151 members of parliament. With Greece at the heart of the ongoing Eurozone crisis that has rocked Europe and the world, all eyes are on Athens. Read on for an overview of the major players.


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