29 August 2012 16:11 | By Francis Whittaker
Animals of the month: August 2012

An orphaned koala, a 'Mugly' dog and a ticklish sloth are just three of the creatures that feature in our monthly animals gallery!

Squeaky the koala (© Newspix / Rex Features)
  • Squeaky the koala (© Newspix / Rex Features)
  • Super-cute sand kittens (© Reuters/Nir Elias)
  • Dog portrait (© Barbara O'Brien / Rex Features;)
  • Baby kangaroo and baby wombat (© Rob Leeson/Newspix / Rex Feature;)
  • Duck swallowing frog (© Mircea Costina / Rex Features;)
  • Mugly the dog (© Albanpix Ltd / Rex Features;)
  • Ticklish sloth (© Reuters/Bruno Kelly)
  • Kalabatu the orangutan (© Yosuke Kashiwakura/Solent News /Rex Feautres)
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Squeaky the Koala may be cute, but his story is a heartbreaking one. He was found whimpering in his mother's pouch after she was hit by a car on an Australian highway, but a quick-thinking council worker was able to rush mother and son to a local koala hospital. 'He's a very quiet little fella, but he's doing OK,' hospital supervisor Cheyne Flanagan said. 'He just clings to a little sheepskin roll that mimics his mummy.'


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