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Updated: Friday, 27 September 2013 15:20 | By Joan Connell, TheJournal.ie

6 pictures that will mess with your mind

They’re not tricks…they’re illusions.

6 pictures that will mess with your mind


Source: Sebastian Bieniek

HERE’S ONE TO get your brains working again after Arthur’s Day.

In the picture above, German artist Sebastian Bieniek painted two faces on either side of his model’s face with makeup.

The result is a creepy “double faced” effect that certainly supplies heebie-jeebies in bulk.

Here are some more pictures that force you to look twice.

There’s no lake in this photo.


Source: Tumblr

Wha? Tilt your head to the right. Ohhh.

One face? Two faces? 


Source: Moillusions

Looks like an extremely hazardous mountain walkway.


Source: Tumblr

No it’s not, this lad is merely balancing on his side on the Great Wall of China. The trickster.

Who’s holding who?


Source: Moillusions

Either way, it’s still one of the most awkward photos ever taken.

Wow! Is that a huge underwater waterfall?


Source: KULfoto

Nope. It’s just sand and silt deposits giving the illusion of one. Sorry.

Magical floating platform, or shadows playing tricks on your eyes?


Source: Imgur

If you’re feeling a bit bemused after this post, don’t worry. Cats get stumped by optical illusions too.

Source: Tumblr

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