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Updated: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 15:46 | By Emer McLysaght, TheJournal.ie

How to build your own swimming pool and water park… Irish style

Irish ingenuity at its best… or worst?

How to build your own swimming pool and water park… Irish style

THE BIT OF sun has driven the Irish to some desperate measures these past few days.

There’s been a lot of frantic paddling pool buying, feet in basins, and appropriation of garden hoses.

Some people meanwhile, have gone above and beyond… like these lads who built a swimming pool using hay bales and a tarp (and we’ll eat our hats if there wasn’t a bit of Wavin piping in the mix somewhere too).

If you want to see how they got from this:


… to this, check out all of the pictures over on Imgur via Reddit Ireland/Dannyl3oy

pool final

Jeremy Holland and pals in Cork also set to work on a smaller version:


via Facebook

Meanwhile some enterprising young men in Offaly built their own mini water park using a Teleporter, a motocross ramp and some other bits and pieces.

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Might be best NOT to try this one at home, these men are obviously professionals. Also, watch out for some NSFW language in the video.


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