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Updated: Friday, 14 February 2014 10:30 | By Sarah Doran, TheJournal.ie

Today’s Valentine’s-themed Google Doodle is pretty special

Stuck for a last-minute gift? Just head on over to Google.

Today’s Valentine’s-themed Google Doodle is pretty special

FORGOTTEN TO PICK up something special for the one you love this Valentine’s Day?

Or just eager to help a friend feel that little bit better on this most depressing of days?

Google’s got you covered.

Today’s doodle is a pretty special one, which allows you to craft your own very special box of sweet treats and email them to a very lucky recipient.

Step One – Hit the play button, which just so happens to dance.


Step Two – Pick your sweet treat to decorate.

Such as a cherry with some milk chocolate and sprinkles.


Or a strawberry with white chocolate and some nuts.


Or an insect. That’s always an option.


Step 3 – Hit that little arrow there on the side to pop ‘em into cases.


Step 4 – Send them on their merry way!


Now g’wan, give it a go.

You know you want to.

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