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Updated: Tuesday, 28 May 2013 15:49 | By Emer McLysaght, TheJournal.ie

UPDATE: Offaly cat still thinks ducklings are her kittens

Della is not letting the three ducks out of her sight.

UPDATE: Offaly cat still thinks ducklings are her kittens

EIGHT DAYS ON, and these ducklings still think that this cat is their ma, and she thinks that too.


The little family (three kittens, three ducklings and a mother cat called Della) live on a farm in Clara in Co. Offaly and became an internet sensation when video of the ducks apparently feeding from Della was posted online.

The ducklings are ten days old and have been with the cat since they were two days old.

Emma Lally, who owns the animals told DailyEdge.ie that while the ducks are trying to gain more independence, they are still very much under the watchful eye of Della.


Lally said that the cat appears to be exerting some serious mothering skills over her brood.

When the whole bunch were moved to a different area of the farm Della carried them all back to a safer place, one by one , including the ducklings. She’s also suspicious of anyone trying to get too close.

Experts from Birdwatch Ireland have said that in the next 7-10 days the relationship between the cats and the ducks is likely to change, but Lally says she has great faith in Della and that she will remove the birds if she feels they are in any danger.



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