18 May 2012 12:45 | By Jamie Frier
Olympics: the records ready to be broken

Men's 100 metres sprint

100 metres (© REUTERS)
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Every time the Olympic Games roll around, there's always a bunch of people looking nervously at the scoreboard or clock. No, it's not Arithmaphobes (people with a fear of numbers) but the current world record holders. The occasion, the conditions, the competition, all these things combine to send records tumbling. So what are the records most likely to fall at London 2012?

Men's 100 metres sprint
Current record holder:
Usain Bolt (Jamaica) - 9.58 seconds
Who'll beat it? Usain Bolt
Ok, so maybe Usain won't be terribly worried about who will beat his record, as the only person likely to do that is Bolt himself. Between 2008 and 2009, Bolt has lowered the world record by 0.16 seconds. Doesn't sound that impressive? Well, it took 17 *years* for the record to drop by that much before the Jamaican arrived and stormed the sprinting world. But can he beat his own record for a third time? Bolt certainly thinks so. He posted the quickest time this season in Kingston. Admittedly it was only 9.82 but he has certainly set himself up for another crack at that world title. He says he can run 9.4 seconds in London and whilst that may be a step too far, below 9.58 is a definite possibility.