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Sea otters are saving the world!

Sea otter (© Stuart Westmorland; Getty Images)
  • Sea otter (© Stuart Westmorland; Getty Images)
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  • Naked man (© Michelangelo Gratton / Mood Boar;)
  • An attic (© Kristy-Anne Glubish / Design Pic;)
  • Dolphin (© GETTY Images Inc;)
  • Mammoth (© Field Museum Library/Getty Images)
  • Marathon (© Novastock/Getty Images)
  • Justin Bieber (© Brendon Thorne; Getty Images)
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They're cute, they're cuddly, and now it's been revealed they're helping to reduce the effects of global warming. The ever-adorable species that is the sea otter heroically saves the world by dining on sea urchins, which love to feast on vital CO2-absorbing kelp beds. Sure, the otters' diet may not mean that we can stop our own efforts to halt the melting of the polar ice caps but, hey, how many sea urchins did YOU eat today?


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